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Can I register my adult dogs and their litter at the same time?

Yes you can register both the adults and the litter at the same time either with printed applications or online

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Can I register litter if both the parents are not registered with DRA?

No. The FEMALE (dam) MUST be registered with DRA.

    It is preferable to have both parents registered as the pedigree, bloodline and genealogical information is more complete and will make for better records in the future.
    Litters from the dam registered with DRA and the sire from another recognized club (akc, ukc, abda, aba, aca etc.,) will be registered and classed according to the DRA classification rules

Why should I register my litter?


One Time Paper Work

Registering the litter could not be easier. You only fill out one form for the entire litter.

You receive printed registration forms (one for each pup) to give to your customer.
These have the sex of the puppy on each application. (example; If the litter had 2 Male and 3 Female pups you will receive 2 Male applications and 3 Female applications).
When you sell the puppies give each owner a form with correct sex ( male pups get forms with M on them and female pups get forms with F on them).

Registering litters is vital to assure accurate genealogical records.

Litter Registration also maintains or raises class rating.

Registering litters not only shows professionalism, but also assures accurate genealogy, pedigrees and tracking of bloodlines.

Giving your customers printed forms with all the pertinent information helps to avoid problems. There is no confusion as to parents, birth date etc.

With a registered litter DRA can help with verification if a customer calls for information on you or the dog


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