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For Dog Owners Who Would Like To Register Dog(S) and Have No Background Information.

If you don’t have information about the mother (dam) or father (sire) of your dog you can still register.
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Note: When filling out application; if you don’t have sire or dam name or registration numbers just leave blank. In other words, if you don’t have that information, don’t put anything in that space.
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Please Read About Dog Registration Below

Why Register with Dog Registry of America?

How do I register my dog(s)?

My dog is registered with another club or was never registered but I have an application from another club can I register with DRA?

My dog never was registered can I register with DRA?

I have a form with my dogs information on it is that my registration?

How should I name my dog ?

Why are there classes of dogs registered with DRA?

What are the classes of dogs registered with DRA?

How does a dog get classified?

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